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HD Golden Liquid (500ML) EM Bacteria Liquid

Product Details:

[COMMON NAME]HD Golden Liquid (500ML)

[PRODUCT NAME]EM Bacteria Liquid

[ACTIVE INGREDIENT]Photosynthetic Bacteria, Lactobacillus, Saccharomycetes, Spores, Filamentous Fungus

[RAW MATERIAL TYPE]Domestic Raw Materials(Hengda Company)

[CHARACTERISTICS]Dark brown liquid


[USAGE AND DOSAGE]Directly mixing with sugar water or fresh water .

1.Every bottle of EM active bacteria is mixed with 50 kg of sugar water, and the mixed sugar water is poured into the feeder and placed in beehive.

2.Dilute 50 ml EM active bacteria with 500ml water, and after bees come back to honey comb, hold up the comb at 45°angle and spray the liquid until there is a layer of slight moisture on bee’s body . Spray once every 2days and 5-7 times is a treatment course.


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