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What should be paid attention to when the bees are wintering

Nov. 14, 2019

Winter is coming, and beekeepers in most areas have begun preparations for wintering. What should you pay attention to when wintering bees? Today we will take a look at some of the knowledge that bees are wintering.

Site selection

Generally choose the shady area, you must know that the temperature difference between day and night in the sunny place is relatively large, the bee group tightens or looses with the temperature change every day. During the daytime, the outside temperature is high, the bees will go out of the nest, and the dense flying will cause the floor to freeze and become long. The group of bees will become weaker. The temperature difference between day and night in the shade is small, which can avoid this situation.

Strong group

The bees need to be merged into a strong bee colony during the winter, so that the bee colony can maintain the temperature of the bee colony by heating the heat generated by the bee colony. The feed consumption is less, the physical consumption of the winter bee is less, and the spring is good. When merging the bee colony, it should be in the Beginning of Winter, and the weather will be stable at 15-20 degrees at noon

Enough space

The wintering bee colony will adjust with the outside temperature. If there is not enough space to dissipate heat, the bees will climb out of the box and freeze to death, causing the group to fall. Generally, if the honey bee is overwintering, use the 1 layer beehive for wintering, leaving 4 frames positions. If more than 6 frames, add the super box.


Be sure to pay attention to the lack of feed and quality problems of bees overwintering. During the wintering process, the bees are constantly moving to consume physical energy, so it is necessary to ensure that the bees' feed is sufficient to prevent the bees from starving and causing the spring to be poor.

Temperature and humidity in the beehive

The weather in the winter is not stable, we must pay attention to the temperature and humidity changes of the beehive. Excessive humidity can cause the bee colony to be uneasy, the spleen moldy, and some germs grow. In the weather with high temperature and high temperature, the nest door can be opened properly to ventilate the beehive. Also do a good job of keeping the beehives warm.

Disinfection and preservation of beehive

Many diseases of bees are caused by the fact that we usually do not pay attention to daily disinfection. When many of our bees are not action in winter, we must do a good job of disinfection, and completely disinfect the unused bees and save them.

The above is some of the knowledge about the bee wintering that I shared today. I hope to help everyone. Welcome to leave a message for exchange!


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