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Bee song Amitraz Aersol (350ml)

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Bee Song Amitraz Spray (350ML) INSTRUCTIONS

[COMMON NAME]Bee Song Amitraz Spray (350ML)

[PRODUCT NAME ]Amitraz Spray


[RAW MATERIAL TYPE]Import Amitraz Raw Material (Germany)

[CHARACTER]Slight yellow clear and transparent liquid


[PHARMACOLOGIC ACTION]This product is a broad spectrum pesticide with contact poisonous action, stomach toxicity and systematic poison.The insecticidal action of amitraz is concerned to inhibit monoamine oxidase to some degree, which interfere with nervous system of pest body or overexcites blood-sucking arthropod insect so that it can not adsorb on animal surface and drops off finally.   

[USAGE AND DOSAGE] Shake the bottle and insert the plastic tube 

attached on the bottle into hive entrance to spray; Press and loosen the nozzle at interval about one second for one time; Spray once for less than 10 honeycombs and twice for10 or more than 10 honeycombs;spray once for every beehive of two-queen bee swarms; Spray once every four days.Three times is a course of treatment.


The medicine is used to prevent and cure parasitic bee mites such as varroa.


1.It is necessary to choose 2-3 colonies for trial before using medicine in whole apiary and make sure the final dosage after 48 hours-observation.Do not mix with alkaline drug. 

2.If there is any skin contact, please clean skin with soap water, wash  eyes with fresh water or see a doctor if necessary. 

 [WITHDRAWAL TIME]Stop using this medicine one month before honey flow.Forbid using during honey flow period. 

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.Keep it away from kids.


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