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0.5ML*10 Ampoules Amitraz Solution Bees Miticide Beekeeping Medicine Bees Medicines Varroa Mite killer NO.1 Sha man ji

Product Details:

[PRODUCT NAME ] Amitraz Solution 


[RAW MATERIAL TYPE]Domestic Raw Materials(Hengda Company)

[CHARACTERISTICS]Light Yellow Liquid


[PACKING SPECIFICATION]0.5ml * 10 ampoules    

[USAGE AND DOSAGE]Dilute one ampoule with 400~600ml fresh water (add or reduce water according to the actual condition,such as bee colony health, water quality and usage habits. Besides, it is better to use deep phreatic water).When bees return to honeycomb,hold up the comb at 45°angle and spray the solution until there is slight moisture on the bee’s body. Spay once every 3- 5 days and 3 - 4 times as a treatment course. 

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.Keep it away from kids.



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