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2ml* 10 ampoules/case Wan Junke Benzalkonium Bromide Solution Disinfectant for Bee Mites Bee Medicine

Product Details:


[VERTERINARY DRUG NAME] Benzalkonium Bromide Solution

[ACTIVE INGREDIENT] Benzalkonium Bromide Solution

[PACKAGE] 2ML*10ampoule/ case

[STORAGE] Keep it in a dark and sealed place.

[CHARACTER] It is clear and colorless liquid with slight fragrance but extremely bitter; There will be a lot of foam when you shake strongly, and it will generate precipitation at low temperatures.

[FUNCTION] This medicine is disinfectant, and used for killing the pathogenic microorganism of the bees and their habitation, such as fungi, molds, bacteria, etc. It could be used for common bee disease such as sacbrood virus, European foulbrood and American foulbrood, chalkbrood, deformed wing virus,dysentery disease, acute bee paralysis virus, big belly disease, etc.


1. Dilute 1 ampoule with 500ml water and spray it on honeycomb at a tilt until there is slight moisture on the bee’s body. 

2. Bee machine disinfection:Dilute 1 ampoule with 250ml water and sterilize by soaking. Forage purification: mix 1 ampoule into 2kg forage evenly to feed bees. Mix 1~3 ampoule of this medicine with 1 ampoule of acaricidal agent, and dilute it with 1000-2000ml water to spray to sterilize and kill bee mites.

 [WITHDRAWAL TIME] Stop using this medicine 5 days before

 honey flow. Forbid using it during honey flow period. 

[MATTERS NEED ATTENTION] Do not mix with soap or salt disinfectants, and it could not sterilize ophthalmic instruments or rubber products. The diluted medicine need to be used up in a day,and if there is any crystal, you need to heat it to 50°until the crystal dissolve before using. And it doesn’t effect the efficacy.


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