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Gaoshou Instruction bee medcine Formic acid solution 2ml

Product Details:

[PRODUCT NAME]Gaoshou Instruction(2ML)

[ACTIVE INGREDIENT] Formic acid solution

[CHARACTER] Transparent light yellow liquid with pungent odour and strong causticity.

[PACKING SPECIFICATION]2ml * 10 ampoules/case    


1.Spray honeycomb: Dilute 1 ampoule with 2000ml fresh water evenly and spray it on 400 pieces of honeycomb. And adding 3-6 ampoules of Benzalkonium Bromide Solution(2ml) will be more effective in killing varroa, sterilization and virus clearing. 

2.Hanging strips:Pour 1 ampoule evenly on 2~4 strips of wood or cloth and dry it in the shade for 3~5 minutes. 2 strips for 10-comb hive and hang in main bee path. Repeat it every 3-5 days and 4 times as a treatment course.

3.Scattering Usage: mix one ampoule with 60g sublimed sulfur powder and 40g talcum powder, then stir it evenly and scatter it on the bee path for 20-comb hive. Repeat once every 7 days, 3 times as a treatment course.

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.


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