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HD Juemanji Formic Acid Solution for bee varroa mites (1ML)

Product Details:


[PRODUCT NAME ]  Formic Acid Solution


[RAW MATERIAL TYPE]Domestic Raw Materials(Hengda Company)

[CHARACTER] Brownish-yellow Liquid

[PACKING SPECIFICATION]1ml * 10 ampoules    


1.Spray honeycomb: Dilute one ampoule with 1000~1200ml fresh water evenly, then spray it on 250~300 pieces of honeycomb. 2. Hanging strips:Pour one ampoule evenly on a piece of wood or cloth and dry it in the shade, then hang it in main bee path. Hang one strip in a weak bee colony and two strips in a strong bee colony, and take it out after 15 days.  

[FUNCTION] The medicine is used to prevent and cure parasitic bee varroa mites.


1.It is necessary to choose 2-3 colonies for trial before using medicine in whole apiary and make sure the final dosage after 48 hours-observation.Do not mix with alkaline drug. 

2.If there is any skin contact, please clean skin with soap water, wash  eyes with fresh water or see a doctor if necessary. 

3.In terms of the bee colony, you could increase or decrease this medicine to avoid deformed wing virus.

[WITHDRAWAL TIME]Stop using this medicine one week before honey flow.

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.Keep it away from kids.


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