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HD Juemanwang Amitraz Solution for bee varroa mites

Product Details:

Juemanwang Instruction

[ENGLISH NAME] Amitraz Solution


[CHARACTERISTICS] Transparent light yellow liquid


[PACKAGE] 1ml*10 ampoules

[USAGE AND DOSAGE] 1.Dilute 0.025%-0.05% solution to spray or daub; 2. Dilute 0.001% solution to spray honeycombwhich means adding 1000ml water into 1 ampoule used for 200 pieces of comb.       

[FUNCTION]The medicine is mainly used to kill mites , and also used for killing ectozoa such as tick and louse.

[WITHDRAWAL TIME] Stop using this medicine five days before honey flow; stop using it 21 days before slaughtering cattle and sheep, and 8 days before slaughtering pig.

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.


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