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Fluvalinate Strip for killing bee varroa mites

Product Details:

Fluvalinate Strip Instruction

[ENGLISH NAME] Fluvalinate Strip




[FUNCTION] An insecticide for killing bee varroa mites.

[USAGE AND DOSAGE ] 2 pieces for 10-comb hive and hang it in  main bee path for three weeks(add or decrease medicine in terms of actual condition) .

[PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION]Bee mites killer. The main target of fluvalinate is the insect’s nervous system.Moreover, through affecting the olfactory organ or the chemical captor, this medicine will produce a repellent chemical reaction for bee mites.The action mechanism is similar to that of other pyrethrum. This product could kill 90% of bee mites by contacting them and stomach poison. After the several hours of medication,the bee mites fall from the bees and all die within 14 hours.It is safe enough to bees and has no adverse effect on three types of bees, while it has little effect on human or animals.The interaction with alkaline pesticides can be degraded.


1.The strips should be lasted in the beehive less than 6 ~ 8 weeks.                      

2.When hanging strips,you should wear gloves and masks. No smoking,drinking or eating. Wash your hands after hanging.

3.The waste strips can not be reused or recycled.

4.The strips shall be kept from contacting with honey , pesticides or other chemicals.

5.Given the difference of powder source, climate and bee group condition , please dry it in the sun before using.

6.Keep it away from food and children.Open the package before using.

[KINDLY REMINDER]It is necessary to choose 1-2 groups for trial before using, and observe after 48 hours.And then use it in a large scale.

[WITHDRAWAL TIME]Forbid using during honey flowing period.

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.


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