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Hengda NB Manpu 20 Strips Medicines for Bees Fluvalinate Strip Bee Medicine for Beekeeping Industry

Product Details:

  [COMMON NAME]  Fluvalinate Strip 

 [ENGLISH NAME] Hengda NB Fluvalinate Strip(20 Strips)


[SHAPE AND PROPERTIES]This plastic strip is the Carrier, loaded with light-red coating whose surface is of crystal glue.



[USE IN]It is use to kill bee mites(Varroa)

[USAGE AND DOSAGE ]1/2piece for 10-comb hive, hang in the main bee path, keep it off the hives. 

[STORAGE]Keep it in a dark and sealed place.Keep away from kids.


[PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIONS]Bee mites killer.The nervous system of insect is the main target of fluvalinate.Moreover, through affecting the olfactory organ or the chemical captor, thus this medicine may get insect to produce a repellent chemical reaction.The action mechanism is similar to that of other pyrethrum. This product have effect of contact and stomach poison to kill 90% of bee mites.After the several hours of medication,the bee mites fall off the bees and all die within 14 hours.It is safe to bees and has no adverse effect on three types of bee, with little for human and animals.The interaction with alkaline pesticides can be degraded.

[USAGE AND DOSAGE]Hang between beehive frames. Each beehive(10 frames) with 1/2 strip. According to the honey bee's actual situation can be increase or reduce dosage.


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