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About Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives

Sep. 29, 2018

The beehive is the place where the bees are proliferating during the beekeeping process and is the most tools from Beekeeping Equipment Factory. In 1857, the American Langs invented the living frame beehives together with the subsequent invention of the nesting machine and the honey-splitting machine, which were called the three inventions of beekeeping. It is the use of these beekeeping tools that ended thousands of years of traditional cultivation. The bee adopts the production method of soil nests and ruined nests to obtain honey, which lays the foundation for new beekeeping and makes a huge leap in beekeeping production. At the beginning of the last century, live beehives and Italian bees were introduced into China. Now there are many beehives used in China, such as ten-frame beehives, Dadan beehives, and Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives. Their specifications are not the same, but the structural principles are basically the same. Beginner beekeepers can buy bee hives used by beekeepers, or they can make beehives according to specifications.

Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives

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