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Where do you find anti-mites aerosol?

Jun. 25, 2018

If you are beekeeper, you may need anti-mites aerosol. Because the mites will affect your honey production.

Mites are invisible organisms (about 0.3 mm in size) that feed on the dead cells that our skin sheds. The small fecal particles they produce are responsible for dust allergies. Each mite can produce about 20 of these particles a day and during their lifetime of about 10 weeks, that’s 2,000 alone. And on your average mattress there might be many thousands, or even millions, of mites.

The male mite lives for about 10 days, but the female survives for up to 70 days and can lay 60 to 100 eggs during its lifetime. At this rate, the number of mites in your home can grow exponentially.

Mites avoid light, which is why they often hide within the fibers of fabrics and materials like upholstery, mattresses, carpet, and toys. In addition, mites multiply in areas that have high temperatures and humidity, such as attics and basements.

We offer anti-mites aerosol for beekeepers include amitraz spray, fluvalinate spray and formic acid fumigant spray.

Where do you find anti-mites aerosol?

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