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Anti-mites Powder Usage

Jun. 08, 2018

The proper use of Anti-mites Powder can guarantee the safety of the bees, the cost is low, and the effect is remarkable. Tell everyone about the quick removal of locusts.

1. Manual spreading: Each of the following boxes is treated with beryllium powder in an amount of 3 to 4g depending on the amount of bees, evenly spread on each bee, and once every 4 days.

2. Nest box rear corner sublimation sulfur powder box: use shallow mouth cap, each cover put sublimation sulfur powder 5 ~ 6 g, placed in the outside corner of the nest box insulation board, consumption added. The effect of strong groups is better, and the weak groups are less effective, and sometimes they are slightly poisoned.

There are many ways to prevent locust breeding. If you need to know, you can contact us. We are Bee Song Mites Killer Powder Manufacturer.

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