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Bee Medicine Supplier Detailed Honeycomb Honey

Oct. 30, 2018

Honeycomb honey is also made into a honeycomb, which is composed of two parts: the honeycomb and honey. Therefore, the nutritional value is higher than ordinary honey. Let's ask the Bee Medicine Supplier to explain it for you.

Honeycomb honey has the aroma of flower source and the taste of honeycomb. Nest honey from bee used Anti-mites Powder is a nutritious food that is higher than honey, because it is not artificially processed, is difficult to adulterate and contaminate, and contains a higher content and lower hydroxymethylfurfural and heavy metal content than the isolated honey enzyme. Nest honey is rich in biological enzymes, vitamins, and various trace elements. At the same time, it collects propolis, royal jelly, pollen, honey, and young bees as a whole. It has good health care effect and is the best honey.

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