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Bees Mainly Include 5 Categories In Bee Product Manufacturer

Dec. 03, 2018

Bees are the tools used to raise bees In Bee Product Manufacturer.

Mainly by:

1 separated by the king board. The tools that limit the range of activity of the queen bee are generally made of metal sheets, lead wires or bamboo strips to divide the honey into the worm breeding area and produce honey, and the royal jelly area.

2 nest foundation. The nesting spleen foundation which is made by beeswax as raw material and has a very shallow hexagonal nest wall on both sides, embedded in the nest frame, is the basis of worker bee activity.

3 The nesting machine is the main equipment for the production of the nest. It can complete the process of melting wax, waxing, pressing, cutting and packaging.

4 honey machine mainly has a blowing machine, a honey knife and a honey machine

5 Other beekeeping tools, such as Beekeeping Wire Embedder Products, pollen collectors, pollen dryers, noodle nets, cigarette squirts, scrapers, bee stings, feeders, yuwang boxes, transfer needles, suction machines, and transport vehicles for replanting Wait.

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