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Bee Product Manufacturer Tell You How To Distinguish The True And False Honey?

Dec. 05, 2018

Bee Product Manufacturer tell you distinguish the true and false of honey, first know what honey you are. The honey color, aroma, taste and origin of different flowers are different. Generally, the honey of any plant will have the floral fragrance of this plant, and it is naturally not pungent. The honey is sweet and delicious, has a sticky mouthfeel, has a slight sour taste, and has a long aftertaste. When the crystal is tasted, the bite is crisp and the mixture is instant. The fake honey tastes bitterly or chemically, has no aromatic smell, and the crystal block chews like sugar, which is crisp and loud.

The purity of pure honey crystals is not the same for which used tools from Beekeeping Honey Extractor Manufacturer. For example, Vitex honey, eucalyptus honey, and rapeseed honey are very easy to crystallize honey, which can be crystallized in whole bottles, while nectar and jujube nectar are not easy to crystallize under natural conditions.

Secondly, if the pure honey is eaten, there will be a slight spicy throat, which is the characteristic of all bee products.

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