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The Correct Use Of Bee

Sep. 20, 2018

In the bee-sliding middle partition Beekeeping Equipment, the partitions are all slotted and inserted in the front and rear box walls, and can only be used for raising the double-king group.

The bee can slide in the middle partition to add two more functions. One is to slide the beeboard partition to the side, separating the small space where two spleens are placed. In the production group, the Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives is not added to the loss of bees, and the composition of the tail group is formed. It is very convenient to cultivate the new king to change the king. Three middle partitions can be inserted into the same nest box, which is conveniently divided into four small spaces, and one small nest door is opened to each of the four sides to form four overlapping boxes.

Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives

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