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Common Beekeeping Equipment

Sep. 28, 2018

1, Beekeeping Uncapping Knife: referred to as cutting honey knife. It is a hand-held tool used to remove the wax on both sides of the honey and spleen when taking honey. There are a variety of ordinary cold-cut honey knives, ordinary hot-cut honey knives, steam cutting honey knives and electric hot-cutting knives.

2, honey machine: also known as the honey machine. It is a machine for separating honey from the spleen by centrifugation. Currently used in China is a two-box face-changing honey machine, a two-box live-action honey machine, and a non-polluting honey machine.

3. Blowing Bee Machine: It is a machine for blowing off the bees on the honey spleen before taking honey. It usually takes only 6-8 seconds to blow off a honey bee.

4, the beekeeper of Beekeeping Equipment: remove the honey when the honey is removed from the box of bees. Bees can only pass this device but cannot return.

5, electric honey machine: the most used is the electric radiation type honey machine.

6, cutting honey cover machine: used to cut the honey and spleen cover wax on both sides of the machine. There are mainly single knife, double knife, double rotary knife, double row needle and full box cutting honey cover machine.

7. Yuwang Box: A device for placing wax bowls or plastic table bases during artificial breeding. Its long and tall dimensions are the same as the nest frame, and the width is narrow, 13 mm. The side strips of the frame are embedded with 2~3 wooden base strips in parallel.

Beekeeping Equipment

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