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What does Beekeeping Equipment Include?

Dec. 12, 2018

Beekeeping Equipment Include Bee hives, nest frames, nest foundations, honey-sweeping machines, scraping knives, noodle nets, cigarette squirts, and slabs. Beehive standard box, the bee box commonly used in China is a 10-box standard box, also known as Lang's Bee Box, which is composed of 10 nest frames, box body, box bottom, nest door panel, sub-cover, box cover and partition. Ten-frame box: It can be used for non-deformable red and white pine, fir, and poplar. The thickness of the board is not less than 2 cm. The box has a circumference of 465 mm, a width of 380 mm and a height of 245 mm. There is a buckle on the outside of the front and rear walls for easy handling. A groove of 8 mm wide and 25 mm deep is opened in the upper part of the inner side of the front and rear walls, and a piece of iron strip is nailed at the notch, and the upper edge of the lead strip is 17 mm from the upper edge of the box. 2. Cover a, bee box cover b (sub cover) gauze cover. 3, the bottom of the box.

There are many places for bee feeding management. In addition to beehives, there are nest bases, honey machines, surface nets, scraping knives from Beekeeping Uncapping Knife Supplier, bee stings, and slabs. It is necessary according to the size of the bees. Other bees are like Tools for producing royal jelly, bee pollen, etc. can be purchased as needed.

Beekeeping Equipment

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