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How To Raise Bees?

Jun. 15, 2018

The quality of honey bees is directly related to the production of honey. Today we will give you some tips on raising honey:

1. For the north of the apiary production and feeding: the northern apiary to buy cage bees from the south in spring, into the beehive feeding, the bees in the autumn when there is no honey source to kill, you can also get bees and insects. The

2. Promotion of improved varieties: The bees on which caged bees are sold must be of high quality. They must be bees that produce high yields of honey and royal jelly, mainly young bees, and the health of bees is free of pests and diseases.

3. Pollination of crops: The use of caged bees to pollinate plants is an effective measure to increase production.

4. North-South cooperation: It is an ideal way to help each other in the bee farms in the south and the north, or to work in a caged bee. This will reduce bee colonies wintering in the north, the loss of the summer in the south and the consumption of honey, and will save labor costs in the non-production period.

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