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Some tips about beekeeping

Apr. 19, 2018

Most of beekeepers know Shanxi HD Bees Co., Ltd. As a professional beekeeping equipment and bee medicine manufacturer, we can give you some tips about beekeeping.

Preparation before spring multiplication

The filed for reproduction:choose a place where there are the earliest flowering plants that are required for spring bee breeding within 1-2km, such as eucalyptus and rapeseed.

Artificial pollen spleen:First, prepare a piece of large board and spray a layer of pollen,then spray water on it whose standard is that the water cannot flow. Repeat this operation until the pollen spleen is enough.Second,pile it together and wait about 10 minutes,then mix 1kg of pollen with 3kg sugar water evenly to fill the pollen spleen.Third, take a piece of spleen-size hard paper and cut the upper corners into semi-circular shapes, and put it on the spleen surface. It is estimated that a piece of spleen requires 0.3 kg of pollen, how many spleen peaks on the bee farm, and how many pollen spleens need be prepared.After irrigation, you need seal its mouth with diluted pollen and repeat this operation on the other side.

If you are interested in beekeeping. We can provide beekeeping equipment and bee medicine for you.

Some tips about beekeeping

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