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History Of Honey

Dec. 24, 2018

Beekeeping Frame Grips Factory tell you the origin of the bees is still an unresolved issue, and scientists are unable to convince each other. Although the controversy has not been resolved, people believe that the first bee of the early Cretaceous in the North China ancient land was born 130 million years ago according to the current fossil and angiosperm origin theory. After 130 million years of development, the history of bees is much deeper than the development history of human beings for 7 million years. If the whole bee kingdom is regarded as a modern human society, it is undoubtedly a very advanced social model.

As early as in ancient times, there have no Beekeeping Tools Manufacturer, people learned to find honeybees and predatory honey bees from tree caves and caves when they were collecting natural plants and fishing. Honey was the only source of sweetness at the time. Historical records indicate that humans have begun collecting and using honey since the Stone Age. Honey used to be an important energy substance.

Primitive humans began to collect hives and eat honey from the bees of wild bees. The history of honey and the early humans began in the Stone Age. In order to obtain honey, humans at that time might have to take risks in their lives to get honey precious.

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