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Solve The Fading Method Of Beekeeping Gloves Supplier

Aug. 12, 2018

1. For the beekeeping gloves just bought back, if you are afraid of color loss, you can use salt water to soak before you clean it. It will be about half an hour. If you continue to fade a little, you can put a little salt in each wash. After a long time, it will not fade.

2. In daily life, people feel deeper in jeans, especially the deepest color is the most easy to fade, the experienced aunt will be sun drying when drying, in fact, beekeeping gloves can also be like this, after cleaning, in turn Sun exposure, avoid direct exposure to the sun, so it is not easy to fade.

3. For some gloves buy from Beekeeping Gloves Supplier, in order to prevent color loss, you can add a little bit of vinegar in daily life, you can not buy good vinegar, but do not put too much, just a little bubble for a while, so that not only can prevent color loss can also increase Freshness.

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