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What are beekeeping gloves and how to use them?

Jun. 21, 2018

As the name itself suggests, beekeeping gloves are special gloves made for beekeeping. They often have a gauntlet base and extend to the elbows, usually held in place by an elastic band. Materials used have to be tough but flexible, keeping hands mobile.

The beekeeping gloves are mainly used to avoid being stung as a sting on a hand will cause swelling, reducing hands mobility and usage of fine motor skills for a day. As hands are our most used tool in everyday life, it is important to keep them well functional and protected. Gloves are also used to protect hands from sticky honey and pollen, but what might be even more important - they are protecting from spreading bee diseases.

Bees like to crawl into little openings and slits so you should check your equipment for that and ensure that no bee can get under your suit, and to your skin. Beekeeping gloves go over your suit so that bees cannot get in under your sleeves.

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What are beekeeping gloves and how to use them?

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