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Nest Foundation Made In Beekeeping Hive Tool Manufacturer

Feb. 13, 2019

The nest is the base of the artificially made bee nest in Beekeeping Hive Tool Manufacturer. It is divided into two types: worker bee nest and male bee nest. It is made of materials such as beeswax or non-toxic plastic, and is pressed by nesting machine or plane nest base stamper. The process of making the nest base can be divided into five processes: melting wax, dip, dip, cutting, and packaging.

1. Melt wax: crush the pure beeswax and put it into the melting wax pot at Fluvalinate Strip Manufacturer. Add 1/4~l/3 of water according to the size of the pot, heat and melt into wax liquid, and control the temperature of the wax liquid to within 100 °C. Then, the wax liquid is allowed to stand, and after the impurities are sufficiently precipitated, the clear wax liquid is poured into the double pot of the dipstick.

2, dip: the water temperature of the double pot outside the pot should be kept at 80"12, the temperature of the wax in the inner pot is kept at 68 ° C ~ 75 ° C. The wax board is inserted vertically into the wax liquid, after taking out, the wax is slightly condensed After inserting the wax solution again, after 3~4 times, the wax board is placed in the stripping tank with the water temperature of 25~30 °C, the wax sheet is automatically off the board, and the stamping can be carried out after finishing.

3. Rolling: Wax sheets should be hot stamped or immersed in warm water for preheating. After all the inside and outside of the wax sheet are soft, they are sent to a calender. During the rolling process, neutral soapy water is continuously applied to the calender drum to lubricate the rolls.

4. Cutting: Wash off the soapy water attached to the base of the nest with water, wait for it to dry, place it on the glass plate, point the nest board to the nest, and align the wheel cutter to the nest.

5. Packing: Each two nests are lined with wax paper, and each 30 sheets are packaged in a stack.

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