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Some Good Ways To Beekeeping Honey Extractor In Hand To Take Honey

Dec. 22, 2018

Some good ways to Beekeeping Honey Extractor by hand to take the honey, put the honey spleen vertically in the basin, cut the honey cover from top to bottom with a sharp honey knife, hold the knife to be smooth, and cut off the honey spleen Put it in the honey machine, shake the two spleen together, and keep the balance of the honey machine. Shake first and then slow down, then stop again. After shaking the sides of the two spleens, turn the other side of the spleen and shake. The principle of the honey-melting machine from Beekeeping Honey Extractor Manufacturer is actually like a dehydrator, which is manufactured by the principle of centrifugal force. The difference is that the power is controlled by the human body, which is convenient for moderateness. The honey that is shaken is filtered with a filter of 200 mesh or more to remove dead bees and wax chips. . Do not take it when the bees are out of the nest and collect the honey in the morning and evening.

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