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Cognition Of Bees

Jan. 14, 2019

Before beekeeping from Beekeeping Tools Manufacturer, we first understand what kind of creature a bee is. At present, China maintains 7 million bees, 90% of which are European bees imported from abroad, including Italian bees and Southwestern black bees; and 10% are Chinese bees. Italian bee, referred to as Italian bee. Widely supported in North China and Southwest China. The bee queen is strong in spawning, and the worker bee is strong, not only plays an important role in production, but also is an important breeding material. The southwest black bee is an excessive type of European black bee. It has strong breeding power and good winter performance in cold regions. However, in areas with low latitudes, strong groups cannot be maintained.

The Chinese honeybee in Ten Boxes of Cedar Beehives Factory is referred to as the Chinese bee and is suitable for living in the southwest, northwest, north, east, southwest and other regions of China. The bee is flying agile, sensitive, diligent, resistant to disease, cold, and heat. However, the amount of honey produced and the ability to excrete royal jelly is slightly lower than that of European honey bees. Through the introduction, you will be able to choose the right variety based on the detailed premise of each region and take the appropriate support. Bees are gregarious insects. A group of bees consists of a queen bee, 1% of drones, and 99% of worker bees. The queen bee, the male peak, and the worker bee have full-time positions in the group, and they work together and depend on each other. The queen bee is a female bee in a bee colony. Under normal circumstances, there is only one bee king among a group of bees. The queen bee's job is to lay eggs. Once the queen bee is handed over, the sperm stored in the seminal vesicle can meet the needs of life. Spawning begins 2 to 3 days after the mating. A queen bee can lay 1,500 to 2,000 eggs a night.

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