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Several Safety Issues To Be Aware Of During The Move Of Bee Colony

Jan. 07, 2019

First, in Beekeeping Uncapping Knife Supplier they will not feed sugar, do not fight drugs, 1 to 2 days before the transfer will stop feeding sugar, can not fight drugs. If you feed the sugar, there will be nothing to do with the bee colony along the way. They will be confused for the fight for sugar. If they are shot, they will not move in the box, they will panic in the beehive, or even attack each other, which will cause the bees to lose. If the road is far away and the bees are hungry, you can use gauze to store white sugar or fruit sugar on the inside of the beehive for bees to eat.

Second, in Bee Product Supplier they will not be short of powder to start If the rain is 3 to 4 days before the start of the rain, bee is inevitably not lack of pollen, then if you check the lack of pollen, you must wait until the Tianqing bee collects a certain amount of pollen and then transport, such as handling urgently Feed the pollen cake to the bee colony so as not to stare to the bee in the middle of the move, causing the bee to “break off the knot”.

Third, can not run out of water. In the course of transportation, it is necessary to regularly add yarn to the water supply in the nest or feed water at the entrance of the nest. Each group of bees is about 200 grams per day. If you need to sprinkle water outside the beehive in the summer. If water is missing, and the temperature inside the box rises, the bee can easily die.

Fourth, the bee can not be placed in a long-winded habit. If the beehive is placed in a long shape, a slight wind will cause a partial set, or fly to other bee colonies, so it is best to make a round or Square, and then the tents that people live in are built on the tuyere to resist wind and waves from bees.

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