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Development Of Beekeeping Equipment

Aug. 01, 2018

The development of beekeeping equipment is synchronous with the development of beekeeping industry, which can be roughly divided into the following three stages.

1. The original beekeeping stage Before the middle of the 19th century, people used woven, bamboo, wicker and other materials to weave honeycomb beekeeping, and used honey to destroy honey and honey.

2. Traditional beekeeping stage After the mid-19th century, there were three major inventions in the world beekeeping industry: Lange live frame beehive, flat nest base stamper, centrifugal honey splitter, and some hand tools were created. Beekeeping technology and beekeeping efficiency have made a big leap.

3. Modern beekeeping stage After the 1950s, some beekeeping industry developed standardization of bee machines. The production includes beehives, nest frames, and nests. The purpose is to facilitate mechanized operation. In addition, the machines have different levels of innovation. The honey is not taken in the apiary of bee product manufacturer, but in the honey-picking workshop. The beekeeping of developed beekeeping developed countries is very fast. There are only a dozen types of honey-cutting devices, and there are more types of honey-sweeping machines. Not only is there a wide variety, but the scale is also gradually increasing. The bee machine is small and gradually moves toward medium and large. As the scale expands, the level of automation becomes higher and higher.

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