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Development Of EM Bacteria Liquid

Jul. 23, 2018

EM Bacteria Liquid in recent years is widely used in food production, now the world is often used in probiotic fermented strains are lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, LAB). As human and animal beneficial bacteria lactic acid bacteria are widely used in fermented dairy products (probiotic yogurt, probiotic fermented milk beverage, probiotic cheese), fermented soybean milk products, functional food ingredients and food additives (such as in infant formula powder, add) in middle-aged and old milk, fruit juice and other products (tablets, capsules, etc.), dietary supplements, feed probiotics.

EM Bacteria Liquid Manufacturer will be a very large industry in China, and its market share is about 1 billion yuan (including probiotics), with an average annual growth rate of about 20%. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a resource bank for lactic acid bacteria strains with independent intellectual property rights and to screen and develop probiotics and probiotics suitable for the development of China's dairy industry and lactobacillus preparation industry. To truly realize the marketization of probiotics, bacteria starter, probiotics and probiotics fermented dairy products with independent intellectual property rights, and to shorten the gap with developed countries in this field is conducive to the formation of China's scientific and technological innovation system and the sustainable development of lactobacillus industry and dairy industry.

EM Bacteria Liquid

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