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Disease of Honeybee(2)

Jun. 06, 2018

European foulbrood(EFB)


European foulbrood often happens in early spring or late autumn at low temperature. It will infect honeybee larvae to rot (also known as rotten disease), so we cannot see the bees but only larvae, and bee colony will lose the capacity of life and production. European foulbrood is less deadly to a colony than American foulbrood.Prophylactic treatments are not recommended as they lead to resistant bacteria.

II. Prevention and treatment

1. Prevention. You can improve the ability of disease resistance by strengthening the strong group (combining the weak group), improving the ability to clean the nest (intervene new spawning king, because the spawning is fast enough to clear the nest), and artificial feeding ( supply the protein forage in early spring, such as pollen).

2. Treatment. Lanziling is also the best for this disease (dilute 10ml of this medicine into 500g syrup (sugar:water=3:7 ) to spray or feed 20 bee colonies. Repeat it every 3 times, 5 times as a course treatment) .

 Disease of Honeybee(2)

Disease of Honeybee(2)

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