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Disease of Honeybee

Jun. 04, 2018

Besides feeding techniques, the prevention and control of insects and diseases is particularly critical for beekeeping. At present, the main diseases of bees mainly are following: American foulbrood, European foulbrood, sacbrood, nosemosis, chalkbrood, varroa mites and the nest insects. Based on the principle of prevention and treatment, one should adopt comprehensive measures such as breeding strong groups, beekeeping tools disinfection, keeping bee field clean, using drug timely and strengthening quarantine.Now we will introduce the honeybee disease and its treatment.

American foulbrood(AFB)


American foulbrood(AFB) often occurs in summer, which is the most widespread and destructive of bee brood disease. It will infect honeybee larvae to rot, so it is also known as rotten disease. As this disease occurs in the period of bee colony reproduction or nectar production , the group will be weakened and the capacity of production will be decreased(20 - 80%),and treatment period is very long.

II.Prevention and treatment

1, Prevention: we can disinfect the nest and beekeeping tools thoroughly before the overwintering packaging; Observe the sanitary operation regulations strictly in the production season; Do not purchase unidentified forage or bee colony; Isolate the infected bee colony; Spray preventive injection such as 0.1% SF(sodium sulfate) , furilecilin and some antibiotics.

2. Treatment

Lanziling can effectively rescue American foulbrood, European foulbrood and sacbrood virus, dilute 10ml of this medicine into 500g syrup (sugar:water=3:7 ) to spray or feed 20 bee colonies. Repeat it every 3 times, 5 times as a course treatment.

Disease of Honeybee

Disease of Honeybee


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