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Effect of EM Bacteria Liquid

Oct. 17, 2018

After feeding and drinking water into the intestines of the bees, the EM Bacteria Liquid forms a superior population with the beneficial bacteria in the intestines of the bees, inhibits or eliminates the pathogenic bacteria, and secretes and synthesizes amino acids, organic acids, proteins, polysaccharides, and Vitamins, biochemical enzymes, growth-promoting factors, anti-viral substances, etc., not only provide abundant nutrition for bee colony, but also help prevent bee plague, big belly disease and spring larvae rot and white diarrhea in spring and summer. The outbreak of the disease promotes the normal production of the bee colony and achieves the comprehensive effect of high yield, high quality, high efficiency and low consumption. The specific effects are as follows:

1 Create a benign ecological environment suitable for the survival and development of bees, make bees robust, accelerate breeding and prolong life;

2 enhance the immunity and disease resistance of bees;

3 The liquid from Bee Medicine Supplier can increase the production of bee products;

4 Improve the quality of bee products and reduce phytotoxicity.

EM Bacteria Liquid

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