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The First Five Small Enterprises Industrial products Expo

Jul. 18, 2018

2018 The First Five Small Enterprises (Bright Stars) Industrial products Expo was grand opening

To accelerate "entering a new era, build a big Yuncheng City", and further stimulate our city’s economy, the first five small enterprises (stars brilliant) Industrial exhibition Expo was opened in the Yuncheng Agricultural Convention and Exhibition Center on July 16, 2018.


This exposition aims to display new varieties, new technology, new mode and new industry formats of Yuncheng, so as to attract investment and recruitment. 

The theme of this Expo is "thousands of five small exhibition boutique to build a big Yuncheng together", "New achievement at a new era and small products to open up a big market" . The exhibition has 6 exclusive exhibition areas, including industrial exhibits area, agricultural products processing area, handicraft exhibition area, commodity area, policy propaganda area and business negotiation area, meanwhile many counties, districts, development zone in Yuncheng city has displayed their main products on the expo.


Through this platform, we can not only fully display our products on exhibition, but also promote our own brands. Meanwhile, it also provides effective information for beekeepers and a good way to purchase, and further promote the development of beekeeping industry. What’s more, our company will follow the times closely, pursue international standards, and share our parts to drive Yuncheng economy.

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