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The Necessity Of Mechanized Bee Use

Jan. 23, 2019

Ordinary shake honey machine bee in Fluvalinate Strip Manufacturer, first put the nest spleen into the honey machine, after the human shake, it will rotate in a clockwise direction, after the honey in one direction is evenly shaken, take the nest spleen out and then turn it in another direction until The honey is evenly shaken out; since the honey machine is shaken, the spleen is first placed in the honey immersing machine, and the direction can be automatically changed after the human shaking, without removing the spleen, the loss of honey in the spleen can be reduced, and a certain amount of time can be saved. The manpower and working hours improve the production efficiency of honey.

The electric honeybee bee in Bee Product Supplier is directly connected to the power supply, requires no manual operation, and can be directly used in a multi-frame form. Save a lot of manpower and time, can greatly improve the production efficiency of honey. However, it will increase the cost of honey production by beekeepers and is suitable for large apiculture farms. The difference between the honey-moving machine with the stand and the honey-moving machine without the stand: the honey-moving machine with the stand has a honey-sucking mouth, and the honey can be directly discharged from the honey-out mouth into the honey storage after being shaken out, which is more convenient and quick. The honey-moving machine without the stand has no accompanying honey-sucking mouth, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pour the honey into the honey storage after the honey is shaken out.

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