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How To Control Mites

Aug. 22, 2018

The bee sting is the enemy of Mites Killer Strip Factory. It is parasitic on the larvae, cockroaches and bees of bees. It feeds on the body fluids of bees, which greatly affects the lifespan and production efficiency of bees. The bee has a mechanism to clean up the mites. In addition to cleaning up themselves, they will also clean the dance and let other worker bees help to clean up when they can't clean them up. Therefore, the bee stings have little threat to the bees, but the bee does not have this mechanism. The bee sting is the most threatening pest in the bee breeding.

The first time in the year, before the spring of the bees, that is, before the queen bees re-prepared, the spleen will not be blocked at this time, and the bee stings can be completely eliminated. The spraying or smoking Anti-mites Powder can be used for the control of the mites. Summer is the peak period of bee stings. If you want to remove the mites, you must first imprison the queen bee, not letting them lay eggs, and kill them when they are not covered in the hive to get the best results. The killing operation of the Prisoner Kings was carried out before the winter, and the prevention and control of the whole year was completed.

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