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How to extract honey?

Jul. 18, 2018

When it comes to beekeeping, many new beekeepers have questions, specifically about honey. One question we hear most is, “When will I get honey and what do I need to extract it from the hive?” Usually, you won’t get honey your first year of beekeeping, as the bees need all their honey stores to survive their first winter. After your first full year, it is likely safe to harvest your honey in late summer, early fall. And to do that, we’ve compiled a list of the essential tools you need to extract honey.

We can offer beekeeping equipment and beekeeping tools. Our soft bee brush with long yellow bristles is great for gently brushing bees off the hive and frames during inspection and harvesting.

The bees will cap each cell of honey with wax and you’ll need to remove those cappings to get the honey out. For uncapping your frames, use a bottling pail with gate in conjunction with a comb capper. The capper fits any standard 5-gallon bucket. The underside features a recessed arch that provides stability. This allows you to turn a 5-gallon bucket into an uncapping tub.

Uncapping each side of your frame is easily done with our Cold Knife in addition to the economy capping scratcher. Our beekeeping uncapping knife with wooden handle and deep separator blade that can be placed in hot water to heat, to make uncapping easier, but is still sharp enough that heating is not required. The blade is flexible to make uncapping a breeze.

A beekeeping honey extractor is the perfect beginner extractor. This beekeeping honey extractor is made from quality 18/10 stainless steel. This beekeeping honey extractor can be used with two deep, two medium or four shallow frames. Includes honey gate, cover and legs.

How to extract honey?

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