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How To Extract Pure Beeswax

Aug. 28, 2018

1. Sunlight wax extraction method

The sun waxing device is a rectangular wooden box or aluminum alloy box from Beekeeping Tools Wholesaler with a shallow plate made of aluminum or iron. The front of the plate is low and high, and the front end of the plate is wedge-shaped. It is the outlet of the molten wax. The small slot is provided with a cover glass cover on the upper part of the box.

2. Cooking extraction method

Put the beeswax material into the pot, add 3~4 times of the quality of the beeswax, boil for 20~30 minutes, then put it into a sack or a coarse cloth bag and squeeze it with a lever. The method is simple and easy, and the wax is relatively clean.

3. Using Beekeeping Wire Embedder Products

Put the raw material of beeswax such as nest spleen into the bag, put it into the press, fill the press with water (wax: water = 1:4), pass high-pressure steam, make the water boil, then gradually pressurize. The beeswax is squeezed out and cooled to form pure beeswax. A heating press has been produced in foreign countries. The efficiency of processing raw materials of crude wax is high: before the pressing, the spleen is crushed and soaked in water to separate the beeswax from other wastes, and then placed in a linen bag and placed in a heating. In the press; the press is filled with water, and high pressure steam is introduced from the lower part to boil, and the screw on the top of the press is turned to apply pressure to the sack intermittently, and the beeswax escapes from the sack to the float Come on the water.

Beekeeping Wire Embedder Products

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