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How To  Improve Efficiency Of Bee Farming

Sep. 08, 2018

The beehives should be properly dispersed according to the terrain. The left and right intervals are about 1.5m, the front and rear intervals are more than 2m, and the front and rear rows are staggered. In the flat and open space, the Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives can be arranged in a single box, but the interval between the beehives should be increased to prevent the nesting. The beehive should be placed 3040cm away from the air to protect it from surface moisture and bee enemies. The data of the beehives can be taken close to the site and the whole site should be unified as much as possible. The beehive of Beekeeping Equipment should be balanced to the left and right, slightly lower and higher, so that the water in the box can flow out, but ensure that the beehive is stable to prevent dumping; the nest door should not be exposed to direct sunlight, nor can it be invaded by cold wind; Smooth road

Bee colony inspection: The Chinese bee is mainly based on partial inspection or outside inspection. It is not advisable to open the box frequently. Excessive boxing will interfere with bee colony activity and nest temperature loss. Ordinary out of the box twice a year, the first time in the early spring and spring after the spring equinox, the second time before the winter, that is, after the autumn. If you want to check out the box in the middle, you must understand the purpose and prepare well in advance. The time for unpacking should not be too long. It is best to choose between 10:00 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, and stagger the time of the beekeeper.

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