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Precautions Of Beekeeping Wax Presser

Jul. 27, 2018

Manual die-based unidirectional compression, that is, the undershoot is fixed when the tablet is pressed, and only the upper punching motion is pressurized, so that the air in the granule has ample time to escape the die hole, thereby improving the uniformity of the tablet density. The phenomenon of splitting is reduced, and quality problems such as missing corners and loose pieces can be automatically identified and eliminated.

Common failures of the beekeeping wax presser: the pressure is too large; the tablets are too hard; the feeding is repeated; the eccentric wheel shell and the spindle hole are short of oil, the rotation resistance is too large, and even the phenomenon of severe wear and tear occurs; the belt is too loose; Improper location; hand pressure is not enough. Precautions for common failures of tablet presses used in beekeeping wax presser factory: Adjust the pressure gradually. Do not adjust too much at one time, and the tablets should not be over-pressed; avoid repeated feeding; always maintain lubrication. If it has been seriously worn or “killed”, it must be disassembled and repaired immediately.

Beekeeping Wax Presser

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