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Process Of Get Honey

Aug. 24, 2018

Step 1: Open the beehive cover which buy from Beekeeping Tools Wholesaler

Step 2: Propose the bee spleen

The third step: shaking, shaking the bees from the bee spleen, and brushing the bees down with the brush

Step 4: Cut Beeswax

This is the cover honey, extremely mature honey, the little bees brew the honey in the hive and seal them with beeswax! To take out these honey, you can only use the knife to cut off the layer of beeswax. All process can use gloves from Beekeeping Gloves Manufacturer

Step 5: Shake the honey

This is the honey machine! Honey is the result of the shaking of the little bees. If you are involved in human behavior, then use this honey machine to take the honey out of the bee spleen! Quickly shake the handle and pour the honey out of the spleen by the centrifugal action generated by the rotation of the honey machine movement. The honey that is thrown out flows down the barrel wall to the bottom of the barrel.

Use gauze to put those little bees, pollen, bee stings, propolis filtered honey! This is the real pure natural honey! Without any processing

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