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Protective Bee Use Instructions

Sep. 10, 2018

Everyone knows that beekeeping requires the use of a variety of Beekeeping Equipment, such as: bamboo king cage, feeding device, nest box, full iron jack waxing machine, stainless steel seamless honey machine, etc. Product, but there is a kind of bee that is often overlooked by everyone. It is a bee coat and hat. This kind of magic weapon for the protection of beekeepers, many people have not paid much attention to it, and received a painful lesson.

The bee cap is a protective Beekeeping Tools, means to prevent the bees from directly injecting the bee into the body, but because of the large number of parts, many beekeepers just came out and probably came out, and did not wear well, and did not get up very well. Good protection, in the event of an accident, it is very dangerous, so you must work after you finish wearing it, and spend more time for your own safety.

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