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Reasonable Extraction Of Honey

Sep. 27, 2018

To take honey using equipment from Bee Product Manufacturer, you must master the principles of early, early, and mid-term stability. The so-called "early early", that is, clearing the spleen early, easy to obtain the honey of the same honey source, and at the same time can stimulate the enthusiasm of the bee colony. The purpose of “Middle-term Work” is to ensure quality and quantity, which is conducive to the work of the bee colony and reduce the heat of the bee. Generally, honey can be taken once every 2 to 3 days. The purpose of “late stability” is to ensure that enough feed is left for the colony to avoid sudden changes in the weather or the second source of honey, which results in a lack of feed for the bee colony.

The time for collecting honey is best done before the honey bee enters the honey in the morning. The action of shaking the bees and shaking the honey is fast. If there is insufficient manpower, the spleen can be replaced with the empty spleen to avoid affecting the honey. In the middle and late stages of honey, it is necessary to maintain some honey spleen using Beekeeping Honey Extractor Manufacturer, and let the bees cover it as a wintering feed. In the process of shaking the bee to raise the spleen, pay attention to the safety of the queen bee. For those hordes who are violent, you can take the method of spraying smoke to make it more stable and then raise the spleen.

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