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Production Requirements Of Beehive

Feb. 11, 2019

1. For the wood made of beehives in Ten Boxes of Cedar Beehives Manufacturer, it is advisable to use wood that is durable and light in weight and not easily deformed or cracked. In the north, white pine, red pine, paulownia, and elm are better; in the south, fir can be used. The wood should be thoroughly air dried or dried before production.

2, the four walls of the box in Beekeeping Equipment Manufacturer, it is best to use a whole piece of wood. If splicing with a small wooden board, it is best to use a convex or concave surface or a splicing of the surface at the splicing. In the former case, a convex plate is placed underneath, and a concave plate is placed on the top; when the latter is used. The upper plate should be made into a face. In order to avoid rain, the rain leaks into the box and affects the service life.

3. The outer wall of the beehive should be leveled as much as possible.

4. When making the beehive, the parts and dimensions must conform to the standards set by the current state or relevant departments. Strive for accurate and consistent specifications and dimensions.

5. The joint between the side wall of the beehive and the front and rear walls (connected) must be made tightly and firmly bonded to avoid loose deformation during use. When the side wall and the front and rear walls are in contact, the seams on the adjacent two walls are to be staggered up and down, and the two seams cannot be connected at the same level to ensure the firmness of the box.

6, the surface of the beehive can be painted white paint or tung oil, so that the beehive is durable, heat and moisture.

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