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Six Nutritional Requirements For Bees In Ten Boxes of Cedar Beehives Manufacturer A

Feb. 18, 2019

1,In Ten Boxes of Cedar Beehives Manufacturer, the protein source of protein bees is mainly pollen. Protein is the basic substance of life. It cannot lack protein in the growth and development of larvae, the spawning of queen bees, the development of the working bee glands and the functioning of functions. The protein is lacking in protein, the larvae are dead, the young bees are stunted and lose their use value. The queen bee can't get enough royal jelly and the egg production rate is reduced or stopped. The worker bees can't properly pulp and wax.

2, the fat of fatty bees is mainly converted from sugar in Beekeeping Honey Extractor Manufacturer. The fat in the bees contains more unsaturated fatty acids, which have a great effect on the growth, emergence and energy supply of the larvae. The beeswax secreted by the wax glands of the worker bee must be synthesized from sugars. Therefore, the more young bees in a strong group, the stronger the ability to wax, and the more sugar is needed in the spleen.

3, the main component of nectar collected by sugar bees is disaccharide, which cannot be directly used by bees. It must be made into honey, that is, converted into monosaccharides such as glucose and fructose. During the inactive period, bees eat double sugar or polysaccharide, which can cause digestive disorders, causing diseases such as diarrhea and big belly disease. In severe cases, a large number of deaths are caused, leading to winter failure. Therefore, the winter feed in the bee colony is insufficient, and should be supplied early in the fall, so that the bees have the time to convert the disaccharide into a monosaccharide. The honeydew honey collected by the bees from plants contains polysaccharides and a lot of impurities and cannot be used as wintering feed.

The main role of sugar is to provide energy. Workers whose bee's blood sugar level is reduced to less than 1% cannot fly. Under normal circumstances, the best energy source for bees is mature honey. Bees do not use pollen (bee food) as an energy source. Therefore, there is no honey stored in the nest and there is a bee grain, and the winter bee is frozen to death because of the honey that does not provide heat.

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