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Six Nutritional Requirements For Bees In Ten Boxes of Cedar Beehives Manufacturer B

Feb. 21, 2019

1, the mineral inTen Boxes of Cedar Beehives Manufacturer, bee minerals need not much, but can not be lacking. The source of minerals is generally nectar and pollen. If the outside world lacks a source of honey powder and only feeds the bee colony, it should pay attention to the artificial supplement of minerals. However, the mineral supplement in the feed should not be excessive, and too much adverse effect.

2. Vitamins in Beekeeping Equipment Factory, vitamins are rarely needed, but they are important for regulating honeybee metabolism, physiological activities, growth and development, and colony breeding. Such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin P, vitamin B6, vitamin H, vitamin B11, vitamin B12, vitamin C, etc., to ensure and promote larval growth and development, tissue and organ function enhancement, worker bee collection and bee king egg production, The rapid development of population reproduction and the prevention and treatment of diseases have a good effect. Adding proper amount of follicle hormonal and vitamin E to the syrup, feeding the bee colony in early spring, is conducive to the development of a strong production bee colony for the honeymoon period.

3. Water is a component of the body of a bee. Normal metabolism, reproduction, and life are inseparable from water. The wintering bee colony needs less water; while the active bee colony and the hot dry season require more water, then the main source of water is the nectar taken into the beehive and taken directly from the outside.

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