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Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives Supplier Teaches You How To Make Honey Citron Tea

Dec. 19, 2018

How to eat honey today, let the Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives Supplier to teach you how to make honey citron tea. 

First soak the grapefruit in hot water for about 5 minutes, then wash it and dry it. The hot water is controlled at about 65 °C, it feels hot but not hot. Soaking can make the skin pores fully open, easy to wash, peel and pickle, then use the knife to thin the outermost layer of yellow-green skin. Scrape down, try to be as thin as possible, and bring less white sputum inside, otherwise it will be very bitter. Cut the grapefruit skin into filaments, the finer the better. 

Then put a little salted, this is the essence of the grapefruit cough, and then peel the pulp out, remove the core and thin skin, chopped with a spoon, you can also mash it by hand, very good, the grapefruit skin, Put the flesh and rock sugar into a clean pot (preferably non-stick pan), add a bowl of water to cook, use a large fire to cook, turn into a small fire, simmer until thick, the grapefruit skin is golden and translucent; Stir frequently, so as not to stick the pan, it takes about an hour. When the spoon can only pick up a small amount of juice, stop the fire, let cool, and let the thick grapefruit soup cool down. When the temperature is about 65 °C, put the honey which use tools from Benzalkonium Bromide Solution Wholesaler and mix evenly. Wait until the grapefruit paste is cool and then mix it, otherwise the high temperature will easily destroy the nutrients in the honey), put it into the prepared empty bottle, and put it in the refrigerator for about a week. The longer the cold storage time, the better the taste. When you drink, just take a spoonful of it and mix it with warm water. A cup of sweet honey citron tea will come out.

Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives Supplier

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