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How To Use Empty Beehive To Lead Bee

Aug. 30, 2018

1. Use the smell of honey to introduce the bee into the Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives.

You can choose some old beehives, apply some honey inside, and then put it in the place where the wild bees are often active. Look at it every evening to see if there are bees entering. If you can transfer the beehives away, move the distance. More than three kilometers, or there will be a return to the bee.

2. Use the honeycomb fragments to lure the bees into the box.

In order to lure wild bees into the beehives, it is necessary to find the areas where the wild bees are active in advance, and then in the evening, use some of the honeycomb fragments to ignite near the beehives, then the wild bees will smell after the aroma. Near the beehive, if the beehive from Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives Factory also has the smell of bees living, they will enter the beehive.

3, using the scout bee to put the bee into the box

There are also scout bees in the wild bee colony. After finding the traces of them, you can use some honey to lure them into the beehive. Do not close the nest door, but let them leave on their own. After repeated several times, the reconnaissance The bee will bring a large number of bees. After the bee colony arrives, everyone needs to find the queen bee and cut off its wings so that there will not be a lot of bees leaving.

Twelve Boxes of Cedar Beehives

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