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Toxicide for strengthening bee colony (Chinese herbal)

Product Details:


[MAIN INDIGRANT] Chinese herbal medicine

[CHARACTER] Yellow or Brownish yellow powder with strong taste of China herbal medicine.

[DOSAGE]Add 500ml boiled water into this product (50g/bag) and soak for 30 minutes to extract the liquid, then add 500ml water into the dregs and soak 30 for minutes. After repeating it three time, merge the liquid spray it on honeycomb in evening. Spray it every other day and every bottle can feed 30~50 pieces of combs.Add some citric acid in the above liquid can prevent bees spore disease.

[STORE] Keep airtight in a dry place.

[ATTENTION] 1.If find poison, treat it as soon as possible; 2. Moderate honey water can be added into the above liquid; 3.Its non-toxic medicine so one can increase the amount according to actual situation.

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