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Beekeeping Honey Extractor

Product Details:


[MATERIAL] Stainless steel

[SPECIFICATION] Firstly, use the bee brush to sweep the bees from honeycomb, secondly, capping knife to remove the bees' wax. thirdly, put the honeycomb into honey extractor,.honeycomb can be reused and kept complete

[FEATURES] 6 frames auto electric honey extractor with leg    

Vertical machine  Voltage :220V  Power : 180W  (Customizable)

[FUNCTIONS] Be used to extract honey from honeycomb by centrifugal force without destroying the comb. 

[SIZE] 67cm*63cm (Inside rack 26cm*45cm)


[COLOR]Metallic Color(Customizable)


[PACKING] 1 pcs/Carton

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